Do lately you often experience anxiety for no reason? Is your anxiety naturally also be accompanied by heart palpitations? Do you feel the anxiety that comes suddenly and make you feel being frivolous? If you feel that way, mean you have an anxiety disorder or Techspeak anxiety disorder. Discover how to beat anxiety by visiting our website, you will learn more things about  how to beat anxiety .

Anxiety disorders (anxiety disorder) is often characterized by the appearance of unusual anxiety. These feelings of anxiety accompanied with panic attacks, pounding heart, trembling and there is a feeling scared or terrified. This disorder also often come suddenly and often occurs without cause. Indeed, until now not known exactly what the main cause of anxiety disorders. But here are some reasons that might cause anxiety disorder.

1. Stress
The results revealed critical stress or continued stress can alter nerve cells in the brain associated with emotional control. Stress is what evolved over time and cause anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder.

2. Traumatic
Trauma that really made an impression in the past is a potential cause emotional disorders later in life, including causing anxiety disorders.

3. Genetics
Genetic factors or family history is also one of the causes of anxiety disorders (anxiety disorder) is. People with a family history of suffering from anxiety disorders (anxiety disorder) has a vulnerability to forward this disorder to their offspring.

4. Any changes in brain structure
Their brain structure changes that occur as a result of a specific disease or injury can cause the appearance of this anxiety disorder. Especially if the brain structure changes that occur associated with the nerves that control emotions.

5. The imbalance of brain function
If the terms of brain wave activity, anxiety disorder occurs due to the dominance of beta brain waves and lack of alpha and theta waves. The imbalance is what causes the emergence of anxiety disorders.

The impact of this anxiety disorder so devastating. Anxiety disorder can reduce the quality of life. Even in a more serious level, anxiety disorder can threaten the safety of any person. For it before the anxiety, you felt immediately turns into anxiety disorder control your anxiety. Otherwise, the anxiety will control you and your life. To control anxiety, there are various ways you can do such as relaxation, visualisation, positive thinking, or consultation with experts (psychologists) or you can go to our website now and find out how to beat anxiety!


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